The door to a new dimension exists. It’s right here before your eyes. It’s a stargate that brings together tradition and innovation. It’s the world seen at 360 degrees through a reader. All you have to do is reach out and touch its three-dimensionality. It’s a sculpture that meets you half way. It’s the creative genius that makes the transition from virtual reality to reality.


Materic Bianco

The crusty surface on a loaf of bread, straight out of the oven. The surface of the Earth. The surface of a painting. If we’re made up of the same stuff as dreams, then the surface here takes on an entirely unique value. An almost dreamlike whiteness. Truly one-of-a-kind.

Frame: FLAT

Materic Greige

It isn’t grey. It isn’t beige. So what is it? It’s much more than a colour. Just like it’s much more than a door. It’s a tactile and extrasensory experience in which you won’t believe your eyes. Welcome to the fantastic world of Greige.

Materic Noir

As dark as the finest chocolate. As deep as the eyes of the night. As enchanting as a novel that you just can’t put down. As dark as those poorly lit alleyways that you know by heart and that lead you home, even with your eyes closed. As dark as the finest chocolate.

Magazine FEEL