The Great Beauty

It takes your breath away, your heart rate accelerates and you are breathless. Your eyes are glued to it and you cannot take them away. And above all you can't hide that you are in faced by such beauty.

The Great Beauty
The Great Beauty

You can admire it looking up, or frozen to the spot, or sitting down awkwardly trying to cross your legs, or simply by opening a door and being struck by it. Beauty, the kind that rebuilds you inside, staring from your eyes and filtering straight down to fill your heart, is totally, simply, here. Like a Spa treatment, a balm for the soul.

To follow inspiration, the call of the muses that open the door wide onto timeless beauty, the pleasure of knowing how to experience and live in space with the awareness that only style, and art, can save us.

The Great Beauty
Four 140x270 cm wings
Anodized aluminium profile
Glossy white glass

It's a classic, truly a classic.

A standard of beauty not only for writers, poets, painters, musicians. But also for those who live their life in traditional style, in the true and especially authentic sense.

No scene stealing. Eyes wide open, or half-shut to focus better, the same words used to describe a door, as you are faced with such elegance: no flamboyance here, just minimalistic style. With Scenario, contemporary style enters the pages of history with a collection of modular glass panels which offer endless possibilities. And the difference with everything else surrounding it is night and day – or living areas.

The Great Beauty
The Great Beauty
Two 120x270 cm wings
Pearl gray metallic lacquered profile
Transparent bronze lino glass
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