Green attitude

Green Attitude

The company’s green vision begins with the selection of the raw materials, which are sourced from responsibly managed forests, and continues with the use of virtuous production processes and biomass and solar power systems for generating heat and electricity in-house. One of the company’s cornerstones is the pursuit of innovation, which translates into respect for the ecosystem on the one hand, and attention to the home living environment on the other, in accordance with the principles of BIOdesign.

Green attitude
Green attitude
Low levels of formaldehyde

European regulation UNI EN 13986:2005

Green attitude
Green attitude
raw materials
FerreroLegno works with partners
with FSC and PEFC certification

• sustainably managed forests;
• controlled sources;
• recycled materials.

Green attitude

FerreroLegno has installed a 4900 m2 solar power system, made up of 2,978 monocrystalline panels, on the roof of its production facility, which has an installed power capacity of 758 kWp, and meets most of the company’s in-house energy needs.

This system prevents 440,000 kg of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere each year.

The heating system is powered by biomass, and uses plant materials that guarantee high yields and reduced carbon dioxide dispersion into the environment, thus counteracting the excessive use of non-renewable energy resources. The company also carries out meticulous sorted waste collection activities, which ensure the recovery of 80% of the total waste produced.

The company considers protecting the environment and safeguarding the health and safety of its customers and craftsmen to be an absolute priority. The company is Italy’s first door manufacturer to have opted exclusively for the use of innovative water-based organic paints, which have set new high quality standards and guarantee extremely low levels of formaldehyde emissions.

The creation of two new organic paint colour palettes (Iride and ULTRAopaco), which are consistent with the latest furniture trends, bears witness to FerreroLegno’s ability and commitment to inspiring contemporary interior design choices.


The new eco-sustainable colour palettes.

Aesthetics, innovation and sustainability: these are values
that guided FerreroLegno in its creation of these two
new finishes: Iride and ULTRAopaco.

Better Doors, Better Life, Better World.

FerreroLegno has embarked on a new journey that attributes greater value to people and the environment, thanks its partnership with ZeroCO2, a company dedicated to reforestation activities with a high degree of social impact.

The ZeroCO2 project

“For the planet, for the people.” The company has embraced one of the Zero CO2 mottos as an expression of its increasing dedication to protecting the environment and human health.

One concrete example of this green attitude is FerreroLegno’s recent decision to plant 50 trees, including basswood and oak trees, in the nearby town of Chivasso, the care of which has been entrusted to a farm associated with the establishment of Italy's very first farm daycare facility. A place that features innovative educational pathways focused on returning to nature, and maintaining contact with the earth, trees, animals and the seasons.

Green attitude

Environmental impact

Trees are considered to be the most effective and economical technology for offsetting greenhouse gas emissions. Planting trees is an excellent way to support the global effort to combat climate change.

Social impact

The trees donated by FerreroLegno have had a considerable impact on the local community, which uses them for educational purposes with the children and people involved with the farm daycare programme.

All trees are identified by a unique code.
Thanks to Chloe, the tracking and monitoring system
of Zero CO2
, you can see photos of trees, geolocate them and monitor their growth.
Green attitude
Green attitude
Green attitude
Green attitude
Green attitude
Green attitude

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