It is in the very nature of design
to be open.
Open to inspirations,
influences, trends, and styles.

And it is also in the very nature of design, and of doors, to seek out combinations of different materials and effects. Bringing together profiles, glass panes, laminates, lacquers, and wood materials to create unique environments.

About us

Our roots

Founded in 1950 as an artisan workshop, FerreroLegno began manufacturing doors on an industrial scale in the 1970s, thus marking the start of an ongoing process of constant development and improvement. With its 100% Made in Italy product lines, it has become an ambassador of authentic Italian value, offering an excellent blend of creativity, reactivity, vision, and intuition.

Generation after generation, every decision that the company has made has always been guided by the passion for wood and the drive to always set new goals for itself. It’s a remarkable legacy that allows for the creation of products with extraordinary character, all of which are made with carefully selected raw materials.

Discover the milestones
of our history

Small craft workshop
in Farigliano
About us
Doors for construction companies.
About us
of craftsmanship
Innovative methods of production.
About us
Door as a
furniture element
The industrial district.
About us
FerreroLegno's system:
full quality
Automation, communication and partnership with its retailers.
About us
Style innovation
and progress
Engineering and new ranges.
About us
and expansion
Consolidation of FL brand
and development of international markets'.
About us
Design to be open
To the future.
About us