Glossario Porte Ferrero Legno

Manufacturing systems

The greatest harmony between functionality and aesthetics.
The result of our continued attention to details. Nothing is left to chance.

Manufacturing System / Vera

Manufacturing System / Vera Thanks to the exclusive FerreroLegno manufacturing system, the small panel,
manufactured in “bassofondo”, is mounted on the leaf without
the need for the traditional glass-stopping frame.
The depth of the moldings enhances the three-dimensional appearance of the door and it offers pleasant games of lights and shadows that highlight its refined architectural style.

Manufacturing System/ Suite / Kévia

The moldings of the various aesthetic options are obtained
through a pantographic process. This manufacturing method
allows maintaining both the panel and the small panel on the same flushed plane. The pantographic process models in
bas-relief the various decorations that are particularly exalted
by the lighting of the environment.

Manufacturing system / Yncisa

The aesthetic expression of the various models is achieved
with the greatest simplicity through graffiti of sorts.
The doors of this collection have in common the engraving
that gives life to the many shapes, with simplicity and purity.

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