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Details are not really details in Ferrerolegno’s world and words are not just simple combinations of letters, but terms that symbolize very specific innovation that perform a function.

We dedicate to you, who wish to go beyond and be always informed, this extensive glossary. So you may discover what lies behind every FerreroLegno’s door.

How a door is made

Elementi di una porta


In everyday’s language it is called “door”. It may be manufactured in wood, with several different solutions.


Longitudinal elements that create a sort of frame to the leaf; they hide the interruptions between the fixed frame, the basic door frame and the wall.


Structure in softwood mounted on the wall thickness on the entire surface of the opening where the door will be installed.

Fixed Frame

It is the key element of a modern door; it comprises jambs (vertical profiles) and crossbeams (horizontal element located on top of the frame).


They connect the leaf to the frame and they establish their rotation direction. They may visible or hidden. A few models are reversible in the sense that they allow establishing the rotation direction at the time of installation without having to remove casings or other frame elements. The most modern hinges are threaded and adjustable; thus, they allow adjusting the leaf in height, depth and width.


The warranty certificate is valid for 2 years and it covers all the door components, including hinges and lock. ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification guarantees all the manufacturing process that are continuously improved. (…)


Standard dimensions are approximately 70 cm width for doors that give access to service rooms and 80 cm for all other rooms. Standard height is 200/210 cm and thickness is in average 10 cm. The measurements to be provided in order to purchase a door are height, width and depth (wall thickness). Space must be measured after the installation of the counter frame, mounted the floor and completed the wall finishes (kitchen and bathroom tiles must be already installed). In addition, it is necessary to specify the opening direction (the preferred direction, in case of a hinged door with leaf, is that the nears the leaf to the perpendicular wall closest to the threshold; in this case the room between leaf and wall my vary from 8/10 cm to 70 cm, which allow positioning a wardrobe behind the door). (…)


They are elastic elements with circular section, in rubber or PVC, pressure-inserted without the need for glue in their seats, typically in the inner rabbet of the fixed frame. FerreroLegno offers a Silent System that allows amortizing all impacts of the leaf on the frame, contributing to excellent soundproofing and maintaining temperature insulation while also prevent dust infiltration. (…)

Hinged Door

It is the traditional door. It may be with single or double leaf, flat or paneled, solid or with glass. It may open to the left or to the right. Reversible doors allow choosing the opening direction at the time of installation.

Folding Door

This type of door is used where there is no sufficient room to open the door. Its panels, at the time of opening, overlay, and space is reduced in half. Opening direction can be left or right. FerreroLegno offers two collections specifically dedicated to type of door: Indue and Modula.


Glass door

The glass door provides tempered glass doors, with or without profiles. New and suggestive variations can be created for the version restrained by aluminium profiles by inserting cross-pieces that divide the surface into 2/3/4 windows. All FerreroLegno glasswork is tempered according to UNI EN 12150_1 regulation.


Sliding Door

Sliding can be internal, external to the wall or invisible. In the retractable doors, the leaf slides inside a counter frame built into the wall. FerreroLegno models can be sliding within the wall (Rolling Scrighi), invisible (Rolling Prima), outside the wall (Rolling Magic).


Flush with the wall door

The glass door provides tempered glass doors, with or without profiles. New and suggestive variations can be created for the version restrained by aluminium profiles by inserting cross-pieces that divide the surface into 2/3/4 windows. All FerreroLegno glasswork is tempered according to UNI EN 12150_1 regulation.


Product sheet

It accompanies the product at the time of purchase and it must list the legal and commodity product name, the name and trademark of the manufactured, and the presence of substances that may be harmful to people or the environment if applicable, the materials used and the processing method, as well as the instructions and recommendations for use. (…)



Even the smallest details are fundamental. Screws must be high quality to ensure resistance over time due to wear and tear, oxidation and rust. (…)

FerreroLegnoTechnical Details

Total System 4 Bordering

The door is covered with the same type of wood used for the panel on the lateral and upper rabbets. The lower side is covered with an ABS edge against dents and against any humidity rising from the floor.”

FerreroLegno Color Chart

FerreroLegno color chart includes 16 hues available for matte and glossy lacquer and Trame textures. White, Cremy and Beijing Red are exclusive FerreroLegno colors, the other 13 hues are RAL colors.



Tempered glass according to UNI EN 12150-1. The label certifies and ensures that it is mounted on the doors in a workmanlike manner by FerreroLegno. Look for it at delivery: it will be there, on the glass of your door.


Glossy Lacquer

FerreroLegno lacquer is manufactured using a painting cycle that includes the application of six coats of pigmented polyester with paraffin, properly plasticized: this ensures not only the typical shine, fullness and surface solidity of polyester but also long lasting life for the coating film along with a guaranteed chemical resistance that is much higher than that of polyurethane products. Glossy lacquer is available in all 16 colors of FerreroLegno color chart.


The RAL palette by FerreroLegno

The RAL palette by FerreroLegno allows choosing a matte finish among more than 200 hues.


Pantographic Process

The pantographic process is a special type of manufacturing process that allows maintaining the panel and the small panel on the same flushed plane, defining through bas-reliefs the various profiles of the decorative lines.


Manufacturing System / Vera

Thanks to the exclusive FerreroLegno manufacturing system, the small panel, manufactured in “bassofondo”, is mounted on the leaf without the need for the traditional glass-stopping frame. The depth of the moldings enhances the three-dimensional appearance of the door and it offers pleasant games of lights and shadows that highlight its refined architectural style.


Manufacturing System/ Suite / Kévia

The moldings of the various aesthetic options are obtained through a pantographic process. This manufacturing method allows maintaining both the panel and the small panel on the same flushed plane. The pantographic process models in bas-relief the various decorations that are particularly exalted by the lighting of the environment.


Manufacturing system / Yncisa

The aesthetic expression of the various models is achieved with the greatest simplicity through graffiti of sorts. The doors of this collection have in common the engraving that gives life to the many shapes, with simplicity and purity.


Double Glazing System

The “Double Glazing System” is a new FerrerLegno technology applied to interior doors thanks to which only light will enter your room. Glass used are tempered according to UNI EN 12150-1 regulations..


Frame System

FerreroLegno offers 10 types of frames.


Zero System

Zero is the innovative flush with the wall system proposed by FerreroLegno. In Zero, the A-flush frame is not visible: only the door emerges that integrates seamlessly in the wall. Available in Walnut Natural Touch, Oak Natural Touch, Unfinished, Glossy Lacquered Polyester, Dark, Nut, Gold, Grey, White, Cremy, Beijing Red Ecorovere textures and RAL.


Sliding systems

Rolling Scrighi: to make the door slide inside the wall; it is available for all models. Rolling Prima: to make the door slide outside the wall; it is available for all door models. Rolling Magic: to make the door slide outside the wall sliding door with or without visible cut: ask your trusted retailer which models are available


Cristal Solution

Cristal is the crystal door solution matching with all FerreroLegno door and frame models. Cristal Solution, effective both from an aesthetic and functional point of view, is available with or without aluminium profile, swing, interior or exterior wall sliding door.


Sylent System

Sylent System is a particularly effective rubber seal: it allows achieving excellent soundproofing and contact on the door over the entire profile of the frame; it allows choosing the color based on the shade of color of the wood door; it uses a special technology for applying the material and it is manufactured using a highly flexible and soft material.

Texture Trame

The Trame texture is a particular finish obtained using a special wood brushing process and open pore painting.


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