Ferrero Legno

Building the Future.

60 years of Innovation

For sixty years FerreroLegno has been building
the future by combining the constant search
for quality craftsmanship and the mathematical
accuracy of technology.

Ferrero Legno


perfect ideas


Aesthetics claim an important part on a door.
The shape must be up to the wishes, capable
of holding and conveying a noble spirit.

Ferrero Legno


Ferrero Legno

Green, designed and made in Italy.

Added value

The pride of being Italian and green philosophy
are the starting points for every choice we make.

Ferrero Legno


Experts of details.


Timeliness, skills and professionalism precede,
accompany and follow the product.


Doors with a name
and a lastname.

Care for details

An advanced organization is one that allows
its customers to custom build the product they desire.

Ferrero Legno


Ferrero Legno

Doors with
a soul.

Work processes

Skilled and qualified experts make available,
every day, their experience, dedication,
and that little extra something called passion.

Ferrero Legno


All that really counts
is the essence.

High-quality materials

High quality raw materials are the secret
of FerreroLegno doors success.


Ferrero Legno

Think big,
measure in micron.

Quality control

After wood, the “raw material” with which FerreroLegno
manufactures its doors is accuracy.

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