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Details that are not just details, but elements needed to make each product unique. FerreroLegno doors are unique because they satisfy all the five senses with an excellent quality/price ratio.

This balance is the result of the daily work of those who work hard and with passion and it is the result of the meticulous research of those who are committed to offer you only the best, from every point of view.

Polyester lacquer

Free the shine

FerreroLegno polyester-based glossy lacquer is a mirror in which you can multiply with extraordinary accuracy your image in the color you prefer. This system ensures not only the typical shining features of lacquer and the fullness and surface solidity of polyester, but it also guarantees a long lasting life of the coating film over time.

Trame texture

Free the imagination

Even if the processing is perfect, thanks to quality control procedures that at FerreroLegno are present at every stage of production, wood is still wood and its veined texture is the expression of nature’s artistic abilities before it can respond to the will of designers. The results are unique doors with their exclusive individuality.

Pantographic process

Free the shape

There is no need for special glasses. The 3D effect of this process catches the eye immediately: perfect corners and solid geometries that chase each other. There is thickness, there is material, there is accuracy, there is technology and there is art. And there are dozens of colors ready to be chosen. The only thing that there is not in a FerreroLegno door is a way to replicate it.

Double glass system

Fee the light

Each door with FerreroLegno hardened glass is pleasing from an aesthetical point of view: it separates the rooms with lightness, highlighting the games of light and defining a specific trend through the wide range of available finishes. But there is more. Double glazing technology creates discretion allowing only the light to enter your rooms.

Sylent Sistem

Free the silence

FerreroLegno doors know how to be quiet. Their presence has strong character and expressive capacity, but at the right time they know how to be silent. The silent system, the innovative retractable seal prevents the leaf to make noise when it leans on the frame: they are details, but we noticed them.
The rest is already perfect.

Total system 4 Edging

Free the time

We protect the leaf, which is the central section of the door, taking care of the side and top rabbets that surround it. The advanced FerreroLegno technology, through the special Total System 4 edging, covers the rabbets of the same wood of the panel, creating a pleasing aesthetic effect. The Abs edge on the lower section is a fundamental ally against dents, against the absorption of moisture from the floor and against wear and tear.

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