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The color of furnishings

The color of furnishings

mazzetta colore

Red with anger, white with fear... scary blue! Quick and revealing expressions that say even more: they also highlight the relationship between color and soul. Let's talk about it: what influence does have color on our mind? Is there an objective truth to which we can refer? This is a complex yet intriguing topic. COLOR BETWEEN SCIENCE AND WISDOM By popular wisdom and cultural traditions, feelings and colors go hand in hand. Also our body testifies the same thing: the human face changes color continuously. It becomes pink when we are calm, red when we are angry, pale if we are afraid, yellowish if we are worried and anxious. Similarly, feeling well and feeling sick are also expressed with colors of the skin: pink reflects good health, red high blood pressure, pale cold, cyanotic a lack of oxygen in the blood, yellow jaundice. But even more scientific investigations confirm it: today it is proved that a color can cause alterations to the body’s rhythm (heart, blood, breath); thus, for example, when we see something blue the heart rate slows, while scarlet ret triggers a faster heart rate. Color, emotions and physiological activity are closely linked together: who is undecided between blue and red for the living room, or those involved in furniture for a living, must absolutely take into account this matter.

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