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Color - Harmony beetween man and environment
The architecture of Hundertwassert

The dream of a form of architecture that knows how to keep up with man and to lift, rather than repress, his nature, has a living expression in the Kunsthaus, in Vienna. This work, designed by Hundertwassert (Vienna, 1928), shows how the desire to play with colors to create harmony among buildings and man can lead to incredible results.
Kunsthaus Wien, in Vienna, is a unique renovated building, which houses among others, the Hundertwasser museum. Its total surface is approximately 4,000 square meters; at the ground floor it is possible to find a coffee shop, restaurant and museum, while the first and second floors host the painter's exhibition and finally on the third and fourth floors, the international exhibitions. However, even before setting foot in it, the exterior floor speaks by itself: uneven surfaces, capable of passing on to man its natural vibrations. For Hundertwassert architecture must elevate, not suppress; it has to put man in touch with himself, with his soul, not confined into rigid structures. This is why his architecture is a bastion against modern architecture with straight lines and sharp edges that boast rigid geometry. Even in Vienna: at the corner of Löwengasse and Kegelgasse you will find Hundertwasser, a complex of 50 apartments built by the Viennese painter on behalf of the Vienna municipality. Here, there are no sharp edges: sloping pensile terrace gardens are inserted between two glass staircases, crowned with a minaret-like spire, and each tenant has agreed with the architect to customize its façade. Ecology, imagination, and use of color in architecture successfully defy standard cliché and traditional academic architecture.


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