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Green Economy

Green economy: just a concept or a consolidating trend?

They may be small choices: traditional jam or organic farming? Or they may be important decisions: how to build the house? Using wood or concrete?
The solutions offered by the green economy are now available as a possible solution in every sector and they are often the preference of both consumers and producers for ethical reasons, but also because they have become a real market. Now that the initial skepticism has dissipated, market request for sustainable products has increased and more and more companies are pursuing it. In the food industry out of season products disappear from the shelves and the use of organic products by consumers is in constant growth. In the fashion world, the search for new fabrics is oriented towards natural materials, which are health-friendly. In the construction industry, thanks to the design of new materials with low environmental impact and the growth of eco-friendly buildings monopoly of the cement is slowly being replaced with the strong belief that building using alternative materials is not only possible but also necessary and that a good building has to be sustainable, eco-friendly and energy self-sufficient.
The underlying theme is the search for quality products that are environmentally friendly, not harmful to our health and technologically green. This is because the green economy is not just a fad: it is a real revolution in thinking.

Barky is a record player in wood with glass plate. It is an idea by Joel Scilley, a San Francisco designer and music enthusiast. Since music conveys feelings, if it comes from a natural element such as wood, it does it even more!




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