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Feng Shui and color therapy

Feng Shui and color therapy

Colors can be a tool to live better, as the Feng Shui color therapy asserts. A good color combination offers a pleasant feeling, while colors combined without harmony can create feelings of discomfort. Since in pre-Christian Era, Egypt, Tibet and India knew the therapeutic use of colors.
Traditional color therapy uses the seven basic colors, namely red (vital energy), orange (enthusiasm, energy), green (balancing properties, promotes calm and reflection), yellow (search for the new, change), blue (calm, inner depth), indigo (cold energy that stimulates the sense of smell, sight and hearing) and violet (many therapeutic properties). In addition, Feng Shui combines a color to the geographical direction of the rooms: a room facing south is linked to purple, south-west to black, west to red, north-west to gray, north and northeast to white, east to green, south-east to green or blue. ferrerolegno
These in general are the most suitable colors for every room.
Pastel green, when it is light and bright, symbolizes growth and creates a bright and optimistic atmosphere; light blue is delicate and soothing thus suitable for bathrooms and kitchens.
Do you want a pleasant living room, where to create a welcoming atmosphere for your friends? Choose lilac! The bedroom can be yellow (light, relaxing), but also blue or sky-blue (blue inspires sleep in all its gradients). For the children's room all the pastel shades are perfect: light green or pink. In the study no red and deep yellow; choose instead soft yellow, white, orange (since it stimulates memory) and purple (since it has a calming effect).



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