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But... are the colors static or dynamic?

But... are the colors static or dynamic?


YELLOW is the color of light, inner and outer, light radiates from a point, it reveals what was once hidden, it turns away the anxiety of the unknown. It is Active.

BLUE opens an infinite space in which you can dive or sink; it brings coolness or intense cold, depending on the shade. It creates space in front of the observer. It Portrays.

Blue and yellow cannot stay without each other.

Yellow creates orange, vermilion and scarlet, and, as the sun does, it reddens gradually. Blue produces bluish purple and reddish purple as the sky that it meets when it rises from the ground.

GREEN is the color of serenity, of peace achieved; it does not advance nor retreats. It is the place where action and non-action are satisfied. It is stable.

PURPLE is a dynamic balance in constant search for itself.


Cerchio di Itten


It is useful to find a winning combination. The fundamental rule is to find a relationship between colors and avoid falling into perception dissonance: if we use different shades of one color we get harmony, if we draw close contrasting colors in the circle they will appear chromatically complementary and you will get a pleasant chromatic contrast effect (for example, in the Itten circle red is a complement of green, blue the complement of orange).



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