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A color for every environment

A color for every environment

Un colore per ogni ambiente

In architecture, the choice of color shifts between objective knowledge and freedom of expression: just as any artist, the architect must seek in the law a tool to release her creativity, taking into account situations, needs and personal taste.
The choice of the ideal color for an environment requires careful observation of space (shapes and light) and the activity that takes place in it. In principle, yellow, orange, and red are suitable for a very bright place, while sky-blue, blue-purple and purple-red are more suited to the shadows. The observation of spaces means to play with shapes and to give life to colors: shapes are the right opportunity for color variations. Think of an edge, the natural place where to set two different colors side by side. Besides, color lives in the change and dies in immobility. The most appropriate coloring techniques for a living expression of color are those that produce non-flat and uneven surfaces of color(even if a combination of different colors on flat surfaces can equally create the impression of mutability that a space needs). Let's keep it into account when we design a room, but let's also consider its use: a kitchen, a living room, a bedroom, a goldsmith's workshop or the waiting room of a doctor's office are prepared to accept different moods, and therefore they require different colors. The choice among the unlimited quantity of color variations must not be arbitrary, but instead it must follow an accurate analysis that takes into account also these aspects. A work of mind, for example, tends to prefer a sky-blue color, which expresses the ability of detachment from reality. 

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