8 motivi per scegliere Ferrero Legno
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Replica. It's easy!

Replica. It's easy! Discover the new Replica catalogue: all models, focus and technical details.

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Page after page, you realise that choosing Replica is really easy: Tratto, Logica, Liss, Area, Sintesi and Forma tell us their reasons, in a new colourful catalogue packed with information.  


There are technical details: from focus on the innovative nuances of Ontario, finishing dedicated to Tratto, Liss and Logica, to the curiosity of the new Flat frame, expression of refined essentialism. Let the mind’s eye flow: evaluate every detail, from the frame to the finish, from the glass to the hinge, if any.

Choose the style you prefer freely: Replica, made with high quality decorations, is always more convenient, while maintaining high all guarantees of a FerreroLegno product!


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