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65 times Happy Birthday
FerreroLegno celebrates 65 years of activity.

Happy Birthday 65 times FerreroLegno celebrates 65 years of activity.

New logo dedicated to this event.

65 anni logo



Sometimes, stopping is a pleasure. It happens when you are satisfied with the road you are walking. For FerreroLegno celebrating 65 years of activity means confirming enthusiasm for the challenges that we have chosen and that we are facing with courage, determination and professionalism. 65 years are a changing world: continuous research has enabled us to keep pace with new demands, experiencing the curious potential of each material and expanding boundaries.


Despite being the same than once, reliable and attentive to details, we took the liberty of being different, to discover with you the current variations of the verb "to close". Thank you for your loyalty, confirmed and renewed day after day.

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