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Door furnish, always

Door furnish, always, even when they age

There are doors that furnish, as beautiful as paintings, with imaginary or star names. They speak of your home; they tell more about you than a friend. Then there are old and unused doors that no longer serve a purpose: born by the skilled hands of joiners they often end up in the attic or at the landfill. What's needed is a flash of genius, a creative idea to reuse and save them from their sad fate. We have chosen five solutions so that an old door can personalize your home in a brilliant and original fashion.

1- The old leaf, restored, laid horizontally on an iron support, will become a small table with a unique design. If it is textured, you can place on it a glass panel to embellish it. A perfect piece of furniture in front of the TV.

2- The old Liberty style door, enamel coated, once restored and Venetian lacquered with natural and vintage colors will be the ideal door of a cabinet. Functionality and elegance in the blink of an eye.

3 - The old leaf, restored and supported by chains, would become a nice bench perfect to characterize in an imaginative way a kitchen or a basement dining.

4 - Do you like a bedroom with the scents of the past? The head board of the bed is an old door, restored and finished in shellac and beeswax. Sheets: grandma's.

5 - Horizontal, not vertical, hanging from the wall like a painting: the old leaf in the living room will attract attention as the best Vintage collection!


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