8 motivi per scegliere Ferrero Legno
Innovative enhancement of wooden essence.

FerreroLegno loves the environment. EcoRovere comes to life.

Our products describe our Company: not what we tell you, not the way we present them, but what they really are. For this reason even the creation of a new finish, like Ecorovere, can tell you a lot about us. Ecorovere discovers the essence of a carefully selected hand-crafted Oak veneer: brushing, manual ragging and colouring on an open pore surface highlight the characteristic grain of the wood and enhance natural materiality. Available in four colours - gold, nut, dark and grey – it satisfies the eye and touch, bringing us immediately back to the heart of substance. It is no coincidence. EcoRovere exalts veining, expressing maximum naturalness: it is an important aesthetic plus, because it once again allows you to surround yourself with authentic beauty ... but that is not all. In FerreroLegno design is eco-design: the pursuit of aesthetic perfection is also a research for high moral and ideological values. Behind the development of a new finish, there is the awareness that nature takes shape in close symbiosis between beauty and aesthetics. We work the most noble and natural material par excellence, wood, with a care that sets us apart and that covers all phases of the process: from raw material supply, from sustainably managed forests, to the selection of veneers; from accurate processing, to painting with non-toxic natural materials. We are increasingly aware of the fact that in nature there is the utmost perfection: protecting it, drawing inspiration from it and revealing it in our productions is the ultimate goal of superior quality design.

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