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Less is More

Less is MoreFurnish following a minimalist style

less is more

Light, sober, rational: the minimalist style leaves little life to frills and unnecessary thoughts, coming straight to the point. Essential, it makes space the absolute protagonist, through the research for free, bright environments.

The minimalist trend, born in the 60 's in New York, perfectly agrees with our modern living: if you wish to follow this style, follow these simple rules.


1. The fundamental rule: space is the absolute protagonist, whereby any element introduced must be functional to its exaltation. Remove excess and prefer, where possible, elements capable of meeting several functions alone. The overview should convey uniformity, lightness, and sobriety. Anything that is not strictly essential must disappear from visual perception.

2. Furniture: minimise elements and orient choice towards practical and functional furnishing. An example? Choose a large walk-in closet in the bedroom, protected by glass doors of the Scenario line, perfect to hold inside everything you need, a simple bed and two small bedside tables. Prefer hanging elements in the bathroom: easy to clean, they provide incomparable lightness. Doors? The Zero solution where the frame disappears and gives way to the door represents the utmost essentiality. Equally, the coplanarity of the door coupled with the Evoluto frame ensures a linear effect. Sliding solutions are also perfect, expanding spaces with dynamism..

3. Shapes: simple, rigorous, linear. Curves or unnecessary decorations are absolutely prohibited. Shapes must be essential and geometric, perfectly coordinated with one another. Orient choice on smooth doors in the section 'Find your door'.

4. Colours: natural tones, white, black, neutral tones of beige, grey, brown and sand. Put no restraints to creativity, but without exaggerating.

5. Materials: these are often innovative, sons of experimentation, but essential and with greater impact. For this reason, FerreroLegno, is attentive to the evolution of materials and offers innovative materials like Natural Touch, glass, polyester and pre-finished raw materials.

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