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Green High Tech
Green homes and technological homes

Green High Tech Analysis of the trend, becoming more and more ambivalent, in the choice between eco-sustainability and technological advantages.

green hi tech The increase in green magazines is going hand in hand with homes stuffed with computers, control panels, home theatres and a minimum of two televisions. Sorting out our differentiated waste and choosing recyclable materials makes us feel at one with the world (as well as securing large grants), but surrounding ourselves with cutting edge technological systems makes us safe, interactive and saves time and energy. The internet is now a faithful ally in everyday life, without which we would feel cut off from reality. Planning a home that is enjoyable to live in forces us to balance the two, often contrasting aspects. But what does it really mean to make eco-sustainable choices? Ideas on the matter are often confused. This is confirmed by extensive research conducted by Federlegno entitled “reinventing homes”: defining our basic approach is the first vital step in renewing ourselves. Of those interviewed, 32%, out of a total of 2,500 people involved, were ready to spend 10% more for an object for which the manufacturer provides spare parts; only 12% of those interviewed would spend the same amount for an eco-sustainable product. But the uncertainties don't end there: it's difficult to list the features that make a wood product "green". The provenance of the materials? The reputation of the company? The product sheet, which began as a useful source of information on the type of material and the characteristics of the object bought, is often undervalued. Therefore, we’re only at the beginning. Technology allows us to shrink distances and overcome barriers, but only a green home can ensure psycho-physical wellbeing. These days, reconciling diversity and ambivalence is a moral duty, as well as a great opportunity, never losing sight of one or the other.

green hi tech

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